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Hi all, you all seem to know your way around bikes so wondering if anyone can help me with some advice/guidance/pics. Here's the deal: I just got my 2012 Honda Shadow Phantom in the fall and it came with a black cobra light bar, but Cobra doesn't sell the relocation kit needed for me to push the light bar out so I can install my Memphis Shades. Has anyone had this same issue and have you had a bracket fabricated? If so, would you mind sharing pics, as I'm having a friend fabricate one for me, but they don't know how much clearance is needed (I showed them a pic of what the relocation bracket looks like though). I would love to see a pic of your relocation bracket if you have one installed (just a close-up of it installed would be great since I have no clue how any of this installs).

Does anyone else have any pics of a fabricated relocation bracket that would be willing to share pics and possibly a diagram on how to make one?

Thank you all.
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