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Cold start

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Need some input. Bought this 2002 1100 spirit about 6 weeks ago. I believe I may have a fuel delivery issue. It will turn over without choke, but then dies. It won't take any throttle off choke, just dies. If I choke it, she cranks over revs nice and then idles fine when I back off the choke. I am talking when out side temps are in the 70's. It shouldn't need choke with these kind of temps should it? After I get on and ride about the first 3 miles, she sputter and bucks a little, then smooths out, but never dies. After that she runs fine and no issues? Should I rule out a fuel filter as wouldn't that cause problems all the time and not just when its cold? I have run an entire can of seafoam thorough her in about 6 tanks of gas. I have put about 700 miles on her and she's still acting up a little. Has new plugs, air filter. I do know that these particular models tend to be shipped a little "lean" from Japan. I noticed that the a/f screws have not been exposed which means they have never been adjusted. She also "popps" on decel, but so did the other two 1100's I owned over the years. It may need to be "richened" up a bit. Is that the first thing I should try before I get into a major carb overhaul? Thoughts? Is it hurting anything to choke this bike in warmer weather? I know on nthe 1300's, over choking can load up the plugs.
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I always choke my bike when I start it, 40*or 70*. I just back it off after starting to where it's running smoothly. After a minute or two, no choke at all. When it takes throttle without stumbling, I roll. If you're taking off down the road before it's warm, she'll stumble some until warm. Just my own experience.
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