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It sounds like you had an air bubble in the system when you refilled it.
Let the bike cool down completely and remove the system cap and check the level. It shouldn't have any air in there. If the fluid isn't at the top, top her off.

With a full purge this can take a few cycles for the system to stabilize. Make sure to check the reservior after a ride to check the hot level. If coolant isn't at the hot level when the bike is fresh from a ride, fill it to the proper line.

Some people don't know this but the cooling systems breathe. When the bike is warm it will expel a small amount of coolant into the reservoir. When it cools down it will suck coolant out of the reservoir. If the reservoir is ever empty when the bike is hot (after a ride) then when the bike cools down it will introduce air into the cooing system. Air is bad for the cooling system as it compresses and allows/encourages boiling. Boiling is BAD for the system as the air pockets from the boil will get into the water pump area and thermostat and that will cause a malfunction in the circulation which, in turn, causes more breakdown.

So, make sure there's no air in there.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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