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I cut down my Honda windscreen on the weekend. Removed about 3 1/4" from it. I can now see above it. That's a good thing when it rains. It wasn't hard to do, but was a little time consuming to be sure I took my time and did it right. I can always take more off, but can't put any back.

All in all, it took about 3 hrs from start to finish. That included making a template, taping up the windscreen, cutting it, filing, sanding, and a final bike wash to remove residual swarf. The pic below is the shortened windscreen.

Too bad Honda doesn't make a quick release. I like my bike naked around town but need the windscreen on the highway. I guess I don't have enough weight to keep me in my seat at faster speeds without the windscreen.

With Eyes of Blue

'06 Aero
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