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Wow, 15 pages of opinions. Did he even get an answer on brands of tires to use?
I ran out of popcorn!
Popcorn? I switched to shelled peanuts and beer about 10 pages ago.

Pop them in the microwave for just a few seconds (to slightly warm) sprinkle some Celtic Sea Salt on the peanuts, crack open a tall one and enjoy.

Car tires, motorcycle tires; who cares. Just gimme' my lightly salted peanuts and beer and I'm happy!

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some odd arguments on this thread and alot of people not really thinking things through.

I don't really have an opinion about it either way, but just taking two seconds to look at a motorcycle tire and i can easily see that it's curved, that curve means that at any angle that a VERY small portion of the tire is in contact with the road. Maybe an inch or two at a time at any angle. Even while leaning you've only got that small portion in contact with the road. Looking at a car tire i can see it's flatter so at least while vertical i will have a MUCH larger patch in contact with the road which is going to inrease traction dramatically. If i lean a car tire i can see i get much less contact, oddly enough what i end up with is about the same as what a motorcycle tire gets at any angle. So with a car tire i'd get tons more traction when going straight line and about the same when turning. Seems like a car tire wins here.

Some people mentioned stress on the sidewall. I'd imagine that the lateral forces on a car tire during high speed cornering must be huge considering the weight of the car vs a motorcycle so i wouldn't see an issue here either.

Someone mentioned tire separation. Why? How many of you go any faster than a car regularly? Plus you have less weight on the tire, i don't see why you'd even think this would happen.

Honestly i think what we're dealing with here in this argument is absolutely nothing more than people's emotions from two different camps. Camp 1 is the type of person that assumes the experts, ie. the tire companies know what's right and wrong and have tested this stuff and if they say a car tire is a car tire then it can't possibly go on anything else. Camp 2 is the type of person that will try anything and question everything.

The camp 1 people are forgetting that the tire companies benefit the most from you buying motorcycle tires. You really think it costs that much more to manufacture them? Plus they don't last as long so they sell more at a higher price margin. So who stands to lose the most if everyone runs car tires? I just saw on dunlops site they have a FAQ about why cycle tires don't last long. It's almost hilarious. There is absolutely no reason for a motorcycle tire to have as short of a life as it does other than cycle companies profit margins.

I've never run a car tire and i dunno if i would just for aesthetic reasons, they are kinda ugly and square. But i am fed up with bike tire prices and i don't see any reason whatsoever you can't run a car tire.
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