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Doing the ton

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Was a tad windy today when I was out on my lunch ride. I checked with the weather service and saw that the wind was gusting to 40mph when I was out. That meant that when I was heading north on Hwy 85 into a 40 mph head wind my air speed was over 100mph. No wonder I was getting pushed around a bit on my little XJ550 Yamaha.

Happy Trails!

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Bet ya got some good gas mileage! :wink:
Bet you're glad a big ole grasshopper didn't catch you between the eyes.
Bet you're glad you didn't have a 21" Memphis Fats up front!
Leveredge said:
Make good time going back south??
Sure did. It's funny how doing 70mph with very little wind makes it seem like you're not moving at all.
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