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Engine case leaking oil?

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Hello guys. I own a 1983 Honda Shadow 750 and it runs pretty good. I'm getting 60 mpg and it has been a good bike. The only issue is that is seems to leak oil. I think it is leaking from the bottom of the engine from what I have seen and it will be empty from sitting all winter. Last spring it was bone dry. Can I take the side cases of the engine off and reseal them without yanking the motor out? I think the gaskets have just gone to hell down there. The rest of the bike doesn't seem to be leaking.
Any links or step-by-steps with precautions would be great. I have a lot of automotive knowledge, but never ripped a bike apart, nor do I want to go broke doing it. I just want to stop the leak and enjoy the summer.
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I have the same bike but no leaks. I would dry it off very well so you can see the exact leak area. If it is the center of the cases the engine has to come out. Also if you have damage under there.
I have seen other guys pull the covers in the bike. The left one should come out with some twists and turns I believe. The right side has a piece of the frame that unbolts and so would allow the right case removal.
But again make sure you know where it is coming from because when you ride it is blown all over . Maybe even the oil pressure switch or oil pressure tube to the heads, filter gasket, etc.

If you need the manual you can get it here ( it sure is giving me a lot of knowledge about my new/old bike too) .==
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