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Ethanol gas?

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Just wondering what is common... The person I just bought my 750 Shadow from says he always put Ethanol free gas in.. that its good for less maintenance issues. Any thoughts on this? Can I switch to regular gas? I have no problem paying a little extra for Ethanol free gas, but if I make a trip somewhere it may not be available everywhere and I don't want to mess things up:neutral:
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Does anyone know what the phrase "regular gas" means?

I was riding with some fellas through The Snake ( and we got lost somewhere in the mountains down there. We ended up at some small mom and pop station with old pumps and no octane sticker. The guy behind the counter told one of the Harley riders that it was "regular gas." We didn't know what that meant, too afraid to ask and nobody wanted to put it in their tanks.

Regular gas? Anyone know this phrase?
Filling stations are required by law to have a sticker affixed to the pump which indicates the octane rating and ethanol percentage and the last time it was measured for dispensing accuracy. Today's regular gas usually means an octane rating of 86-87 with 10% ethanol. My 1100 Shadow has no problems running with that mix. but I like to run some non-ethanol gas from time to time and fill the tank with it just before putting the bike away for the winter.
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