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Ethanol gas?

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Just wondering what is common... The person I just bought my 750 Shadow from says he always put Ethanol free gas in.. that its good for less maintenance issues. Any thoughts on this? Can I switch to regular gas? I have no problem paying a little extra for Ethanol free gas, but if I make a trip somewhere it may not be available everywhere and I don't want to mess things up:neutral:
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Running ethanol gas is fine as long as you don't let it set for any extended period of time. However over time the ethanol gas turns to a goo and can gum up you carbs or injectors. I just finished cleaning a cb450sc and a vt700 carb and they were a mess after setting for at least 6 years. The vt700 wouldn't come apart till I let it soak for a couple of days. You can always run a fuel stabilizer or cleaner through the fuel too. If you have an idevice you can get the pure gas app that shows ethanol free stations on it. I have a 2014 Star 950 I run mid grade through usually sometimes I run 90 in it. If I am close to some E-free gas I will get it even if I'm only on a half tank. Good luck and happy riding.
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