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Exhaust swap ?

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Im looking for an different exhaust for my 92 vt1100. Does anyone know which types will fit ? A little modification is no problem, so maybe kawa, or suzukis or whatever. Tnx !
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you can change out the 87-96 spirit exhaust pipe bracket on the frame near the swing arm for one that is for a 97+ spirit or sabre and be compatible with those stock pipes or after markets fit to them. however, i don't think you will succeed in finding another make that will work...IMHO.
Alright, tnx guys. Shipping to netherlands will cost me a fortune.. will a 750 exhaust work ? Backside brackets and mounting will be fabricated, so thats no problem.
Will it not fit the engine Mounts ?
Will it not fit the engine Mounts ?
the engines are different. this more than a frame mount issue. you need to use exhausts that are designed for a honda vt1100.
mario, there's a lot of stock pipes available or eventually available on Ebay etc. After owners upgrade to an aftermarket pipe, many try to sell them online, etc. I suppose the same on your continent.

Anyways, try the links below to get you in the general ballpark of what Shadow 1100's exhausts are similar to yours. Of course, crosscheck the various mufflers on Oem parts websites to verify that do indeed have the same product numbers. Or, perhaps they're shaped close enough that only the backside brackets requires some duct tape. Disclaimer, *range of years* listed below are approximates.

Shadow 85-92 (scroll down).

Shadow Spirit 02-09.

ACE (American Classic Edition).

Sabre 00-99 (scroll down).

Also, here.

[edit] the *front* pipe is different (2nd pic). That might be more a fashion statement though.

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