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Poker runs can be extremely fun if the right one is also good to bring a buddy or buddies along to ride with.

I usually go on poker runs that benefit something or another and most of the riders are there to have a good time and just ride. All will be run differently but most of the ones I've gone on you purchase a note card for each hand you wish to play. You then ride to a location and draw one card for each hand you are playing. The official at the stop station then rights down the card you drew on the note card. Same goes until you have five cards on each note card you purchased.

At the end you turn your note card in and the winner is chosen with best, worst, etc hands. Then the pot usually divided between the charity and the winner or some variation of that.

Just remember that you ride your own ride and are there to have fun...who cares what the other crazies are doing.

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