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Don't know quite what to say here, pretty much just posting in order to get my 3 posts out of the way so I can do a problem write-up in the Technical forum.

I guess a full intro is in order:

I am definitely a long-distance tourer, and once I get my 500 up and running I plan on taking a cross-country tour. I've had my Shadow for about two months and in that time have put a little less than 1,500 miles on it. About 450 miles of that was in one day trip to West Virginia. I'm aiming to do an Iron Butt SaddleSore 1000 some day I have free time.

Until its tantrum, the Shadow was fantastically reliable, and it's slowly being modified to fit me. The previous owner tried to imitate a Harley (forward controls, cruising pegs, etc) and make it more of a 'cruiser', which I'm trying to reverse since it's FANTASTICALLY uncomfortable for any trip longer than about a hundred and fifty miles.

I got into motorcycles from dirt bikes, and while I do like the Shadow now, I really only got it because it was cheap (I would have preferred a dual-sport bike) and I guess the tantrum is that coming back to bite me. But I've grown to like the thing enough to want to get it running again rather than ditching it for a new toy.
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