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Final Thread, Read If You'd Like

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All right, so, here is my third and final required thread.
The first two had nothing in particular about them, but I'll go ahead and use this third one as my new member thread.

A little history;
I started off on a little Honda 70 dirtbike, had an 80 as well as a few other dirtbikes I moved onto once I was old enough to ride them.
We had a 400EX as well as a Yamaha Blaster that we actually extended the frame on and put a 600rr (this was several years ago, so I am not 100% sure it was a 600, but I believe it was) engine into, left the sportsbike throttle and everything on it. That thing would fly at the dunes.
Sandrail and Sportsbikes as well as some Jet Ski's.

Starting in Freshman year I started racing streetbikes. 600rr that I helped build (I might have watched it be built more than built it myself, haha).
Went out on the track on a 1000 a couple times as well.

I just recently purchased a 1997 Honda Shadow 600 after going quite a few years on four wheels.
After purchasing I was actually hit a few days later making a turn through an intersection. Just some scrapes and a sore leg for me, but the bike has been down for a week now.
Feel free to look out for a thread with a few questions in regards to fixing it as I'm going to need some solid advice.
I may post a link to that thread once made.

Feel free to ask any questions or otherwise comment in here. I'll keep an eye on this one just in case.
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Glad too have you. Hope the accident was your only snafu.
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