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First bike, wont start now

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so i just got my 08 spirit750 on wednesday. it started fine every time before i bought it, when the guy delivered it, and when i rode it thursday, but yesterday was different and i'm beginning to think this may be a somewhat common occurance with these 750s from what ive read. i cranked it up yesterday afternoon and it started just fine, i pushed in the choke a little, then the rest of the way in as normal, i put it in first gear, eased off the clutch and it died. i couldn't get it to start back up. i put the battery on charge while i went work and tried cranking it again when i got home and still no fire. idk what to do or where to start and it's got me pretty upset seeing as how i just bought this thing... It wasn't the kill switch and even flicked it a couple times to make sure nothing was stuck. i've ready it could be the plugs, the carb, the coil, the filter, the float and needle, etc... i'm completely new to bikes and i've owned it since wednesday so this is really sucks as you can imagine. any thoughts?
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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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