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Well I had my first “real” ride yesterday. Living in North West Wisconsin means you take any opportunity you can to enjoy the outdoors. This week has been nice so far although it’s taking a turn for the worse today.

I have ridden around my neighborhood several times learning to negotiate sand, water, oil, and other random road debris left over from winter. It has been a great experience knowing exactly where the sand is and feeling how the traction, breaking, acceleration, and turning changes on different surfaces. I literally spent hours driving around my block and at a local parking lot at 10-20 mph figuring out where my breaks lock and what it feels like when the back wheel breaks lose. Lots of good learning although it does not leave the bike looking pretty.

Yesterday was 50 degrees outside and my good friend was going to pick up his bike that has been in the shop for about 2 months. I as feeling up for a ride, traffic was slow the weather was prime and I had about 4 hours to go 60 miles so I would not have to rush. I met my friend and followed him and his wife to a nearby town where his bike was stored and for the first time rode with a good friend. It was only a 30 mile ride one way but it was a great learning experience. I’m still a little surprised how much my dirt bike and mini bike experience is helping me here. The road we were on is basically a straight shot so no real curves to speak of but the speed changes from 35 and progressively goes up to 65 then back down so I got to see a great range. The wind noise at 65 got on my nerves so I need to figure something out there. Over all it was a great experience and one I hope to repeat many times this summer.
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