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First ride of the season!

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Sunny and 35 was good enough for me! Put the battery in, started her up, and couldn't help myself. Got a lot of looks from people, had a blast for the short 15 minutes I was out, it's been too long. Managed to take a nice sunset picture too. Nothing like snow dunes and motorcycles!

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NorTex and I enjoyed a nice ride Monday afternoon. Got my first sunburn of the year. Well worth it.

Hopefully this link will show the route we took.
Wulfentien knows all the good roads here, and shared some of his secrets. Perfect weather and a great ride. Let's go do 455 when we are off work, but maybe not all 93 miles of it!
I worked 911 in that county for a few years. You'd like the whole 93 miles of it. It's great scenery.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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