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I noticed yesterday that my right fork was leaking. I looked into collecting the goodies needed to replace the fork seals today and found a few intersting things. Also, Thought I would upgrade to progressive springs while I was at it.

First, looking at BikeBandit, the progressive springs are $83 +shipping. So I found a pair at PowerSport SuperStore for $62 + shipping. Those are on the way.

I wanted to go with OEM seals/wipers (found that advice here on HSN) so I am on BikeBandit and find a "seal set" that does not specify if it is for 1 fork or for 2 forks. The set is $26. I put them in my cart and sent a message to ask for the specifics.

$26 for one fork seal and a dust wiper, seems kinda high - hoping this is for both forks.

Now for fork oil - pro honda suspension fluid ss-8 is what the manual calls for - which is a 10W fork oil, but apparently it is really hard to find, so I have not ordered any (might go to the dealer for this). However, I think there might be better oils - especially for the prgressive upgrade. Any suggestions?

And I am going to need new brake pads - fricken fork leak. So back to BikeBandit. I found an OEM brake pad set for $36, but once again, it does not say what the "set" comes with. Just the pads are $22, so what else is in there for the extra $14?
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