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i bought the tribal image units monday night, Jan 22. I got them in the mail, thursay, jan 25. I installed them last sunday.

It took a while to polish them out, they are cut on a water jet, and the edges have a "broken shear" appearance. I had to sand with several grits before i had enough of a surface to actually polish.

the installation literally took less than an hour at the outside.

the brake extension is pretty rediculous. it works, but is not pretty (luckily, it's hidden by the stock exhaust).

i've noticed the flex as well, and i plan to fix it the same way as others have, namely a threaded rod between the front or rear peg holes. however, I notice it when parked....i don't notice it when riding.

the shifter feel is a little different to me. the throw seems longer, but i can't really explain why. possilbly the minor change made to the angle of the assemblies, and possibly my adjustment of the extension rod.

the hardware quality doesn't bother me, but i'll probably move to factory style stuff as soon as i unpack my garage.

the feel is better than anything i can explain.

at 6'1" with a 36" inseam, i was WAY TOO TALL for my 03 750 ACE. it was getting to be uncomfortable, but now, it's way more useful. i'll end up holding onto the bike longer because of it.

i could have fabbed up this exact setup in steel, and saved a bit of coin, but i personally think it was worth it. however, it would have taken me a bit of design to get the same setup (the angle change on the pegs is helpful), and i don't wanna do that in this weather.

(and, when the bike gets cut all my vehicles eventually do.....i'll build the forwards i want.)
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