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forward extensions

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I just bought a 1986 VT 1100 and am looking for some control extensions.scoot mods makes some but nothing to fit my bike.I love it but I paid a grand for it(awesome deal!) and can't see paying another grand for controls from Jardine.Any one make them or have deas how too?I reached out to scootmods and they were kinda rude to me.Ideas?
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.Nobody rides a 30 year old Shadow anymore?
I think you may have a hard time finding aftermarket parts for your bike. It's not that people aren't riding older Shadows anymore. I'd say there probably just isn't a huge demand for aftermarket parts for you bike. Even for my 1997 Shadow, I sometimes have to get creative with what I want to do and adapt parts from other bikes.

I'm sure forward controls can be done. But, you may need to do a bit of work to get a kit to fit.

Could you adapt this one to work? (Click image for link)
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