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forward extensions

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I just bought a 1986 VT 1100 and am looking for some control extensions.scoot mods makes some but nothing to fit my bike.I love it but I paid a grand for it(awesome deal!) and can't see paying another grand for controls from Jardine.Any one make them or have deas how too?I reached out to scootmods and they were kinda rude to me.Ideas?
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Is your bike the VT1100 C2 ACE?

Brer Bill & I spent part of the afternoon @ Scootmods today.
They have both been ill w/ seasonal stuff, but I have never personally seen them be rude to anybody.

The reason I asked if your bike is the ACE version is: they have had my '96 ACE in their shop for the last few days, using it to develop forward controls.
By May 1, they will likely be able to produce some for sale.

After looking at a mockup of the controls, I may get two sets.

If so, I have a set of 4" Mapams that are like new (bought them from a member here) that I will be selling, if you don't wish to deal with Scootmods.
They work great!
I ordered a second set, to replace the Mapams on the '97, but those guys have been swamped with work...I will try to call and see if they are getting caught up.
IF or even WHEN they have mine ready, you get the first chance to buy them, ABQ.
I got them from our very own Harryc.
Really like them, but be aware: they are only 4" extensions.
The ones that Scootmods built for the '96 ACE are nearly 9" extensions....more comfortable, to me.
Regardless, you get first chance, if I upgrade.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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