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Since a have to start another two threads, i decide to write about me and my motorcycle history.

First, about me.
My name is Egor (pull the switch!) Doniy.
I live in Moscow(Russia), 25 years old, married, no children.
I do not belong to the Communist Party, and i'm not a KGB agent.
I am just Head of sales department.

So, thats all. ))

Anyway, this a motorcycle forum, so lets talk about two wheels! ))

It all started in summer of 2012.
My neighbor just bought a VTX1300C and was going to ride.

My neighbor's wedding

I asked him: Can I take your old '94 VSE and ride with you?

Photo - just for example. It's NOT MOSCOW SUMMER!! ))

He said he did not mind, and my story began.
At that moment i already had driver's licence (Category B, cars and vans) and a several years of driving experience.
So, I took his old "brain cup" and we started.
What can i say?
It was AWESOME!!
We rode whole night, and i discovered a whole new world of two wheels.
But routine consumed me, and I forgot about the bike for a while.

Then was spring of 2013.
Every time i stayed in traffic jam and watched another one biker, i dreamed it's me riding on a plastic rocket or fullmetal steed.
And one day i decided: I WANT A BIKE!
So i saved up some money and went to used bikes shop.
I watched at different bikes.
Classics, Nakeds, Sports, Cruisers.
And then a saw HIM: '96 Honda VRX 400 Roadster Special Black.
Retro-look classic, matt black V-Twin engine, spoked wheels etc...
I bought it next day and I was just happy.

This is Moscow summer ))

- But what about my driver's licence?
- Who gives the f**k about that? I got a bike! Let's ride!
I know, it was stupid but I was young and foolish))
But after 3 month, 5000 km and 4 bribes to police officers (if you are a cop, you didn't saw this;)) I decided to get a motorcycle category (A) in my licence.
I went to DMV and ask for it. They said I have first pass theoretical exam.
I was surprised because I already had B category (theoretical part for B and A are the same).
They said it doesn't matter. System are system.
So, I signed up for the exam. It was 15th August. The theoretical exam was appointed on September 15th. I easily passed it and started to wait for the practical exam. Practical exem was appointed on October 31th.
I asked my self: Do I need a bike in December?
So I sell it, and started to save up more money for some biger bike))
At the same time I ordered a '04 VT 1100 Spirit from USA, but it's a story for the next thread...

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So, let's go in order:
very cool, welcome aboard.
I think it's cool too))

Who's VTX are you riding in that pic? Or are you calling your bike a Spirit.
It's not me))
It's my neighbour with his wife on they wedding.
I posted this photo just for example to show my neighbour a his bike)).
My Spirit will appear in the next thread.

Just seemed like the right thing to do.
You know, a wrote this post with Russian accent as well))
And some times, I tried to write something like this:
"In Soviet Russia motorcycle rides on you!"

Anyway, thanks to all for warm welcome!

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Had me Laughing and Smiling ..Great Post, Egor! Welcome to the Forum!
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