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Typically I turn the petcock to "OFF" whenever the bike will be parked for more than 2-3 of hours. Sometimes even when it will only be 5 minutes. ALWAYS check it before starting because it's kind of embarrassing to find it in "OFF" a couple of seconds after rolling away.

The only valid ("Just in case" doesn't count.) reason for switching it to off is to be sure the thing is functioning. That's also why I try to ride "into" RES about half the time. Don;t need to be one of the folks who finds out the circuit doesn't work when I need it.

As for the kill switch, I've turned it off accidentally more times than on purpose. Still check it before starting EVERY time. I use the key to turn off the engine as per the MOM. If I'm parking the bike in gear I'll use the sidestand. Border crossings, too.

E = engine. That's for what we call the kill switch.
C = choke. Sometimes there's an extra "C" put on the end for clutch or sometimes people say the "C" is for both. Or just clutch. Whatever works for you.
Shutting the petcock off doesn't prove anything other then it can be turned unless you start and try to drive a way with it off.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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