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Fuel pump flutters after hard acceleration

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I have a 1986 shadow vt1100. When I accelerate hard, my fuel pump will flutter like it isn't getting any fuel. However, my bike does not act like it's not getting enough fuel. I can just put my hand down on the fuel pump and feel it pumping really fast. I removed the fuel cut-off relay and hot wired the pump into the relay circuit because the relay went bad. The fuel pump always kicks on when I turn on the ignition and fills the carbs up, but then stops like normal when the carbs are full. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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my guess.
hard acceleration drains the fuel bowls.
the pump runs to fill them back up.
that fluttering is simply the normal feeling of a pump diaphragm doing its job.

want a test to prove it?
pull the hose off the "out" port.
connect a hose to a fuel can
jump the battery to the fuel pump and let it run into the fuel can.
does it feel the same?
is it pumping fine?
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