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gas mileage on VT1100, Spirit 1100, and Sabre???

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Please post the mileage that you have gotten (average please) on any of these 3 bikes. I am especially interested in what the Sabre gets. It is my understanding that the spirit and VT1100 get low to mid 40's.
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I usually switch to reserve and fill up at 120 miles, give or take, and it takes ~3 gallons to top the tank off. So I figure I am getting 40ish MPG.

Most of my mileage is on the highway at 75+mph so I get worse mileage than I should. If I could keep it to the 65mph speed limit without getting run over, I think my mileage would be better.

My Century only gets about 30MPG so I am still saving about .66 gallons of gas a day going forty miles to work and forty miles back home everyday and having fun doing it.

oi..I forgot:

I have an '06 Sabre 1100
a '96 1100 ACE in CA (with our PC gas bland), stock exhaust, unifilter air filter, properly inflated metzlers front and back, memphis fat windshield last fillup calculated to 37.5xxxx mpg with mixed highway/city riding.

if that helps...
The 1998 VT 1100 that I'm buying off my father-in-law gets about 42ish mpg.
With my Spirit 1100, I usually get gas at the 120 mark. I've seen 135 miles out of a tank before reserve. Usally the mid 120's though.
My stock '04 Spirit 1100 consistantly gets close to 50mpg if I keep it at 70mph or below. Above that, it drops toward the low 40's depending on how fast I'm going.

I usually don't hit reserve on my Spirit until upper 150's to almost 170 miles. The worst mileage I've gotten on it was 48Mpg, and the best was 53.
It is usually in the 50 to 52 range though.
My 2005 Sabre 1100 gets about 42 mpg on the average. When the trip meter hits about 100 miles I start thinking about gas fill up.
1100 gas milage

I keep track of all my gas stops. My 98 VT1100C gets 46.5 mpg almost every tank. Some times a little more and sometimes a little less but the average is 46.5
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Mileager depends on many factors. How big are you? 250# or 150#? Do you ride with a windshield? That typically costs us 3-4 mpg. How fast? Faster uses more but so does slow. Middle speed approx 65-70 yeilds best for us. Headwind = low mileage.
Low 40's is pretty low for the relatively small displacement 1100 IMHO.
07 Spirit 1100, windscreen and 165 lbs, combination country and highway driving.. averaging 45-80 mph and getting 44 mpg +/- 2..over 3000 miles.
93 1100 - and it runs between 45 and 50 mpg depending on speed. The Interstate gets it down to the 45 or so mark, and the back roads get it back to the 50's. But I have a GL1800 that gets between 40 and 45 under the same conditions - and thats with Carol and equipment on board.
I run 350# so I do not expect to ever see 50mpg on mine.
Mid 40's avg.
1998 - Pipes, Jets, K&N, Dyna3000 on advance curve 4.
Me at about 210 on a '04 Sabre at reasonable speeds, I use 45 mpg to estimate. Usually fill up at around 130 miles.

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2003 Spirit 1100
Shogun Cannons, 180 jets, K&N Air Filter
I get 45-48 MPG
37-40 mpg around here. 45-48 when I ride around in the Colorado and New Mexico rockies.
hmmm this is great information i normally fill up at 100 miles due to the fact that its a good round number and my bike does like the reserve... i dont get sputters or warnings it just goes dead lol and its not to fun going dead on the middle of the interstate
i get about 45 as an average....... usually a bit know steve I ride an 1100 sabre 02....... I dont even worry about gas until I get close to 136 or so, and thats before reserve,when I hit reserve I know I got atleast 25 more miles......
sanoke said:
My stock '04 Spirit 1100 consistantly gets close to 50mpg if I keep it at 70mph or below. Above that, it drops toward the low 40's depending on how fast I'm going.

My '07 Spirit 1100 gets exactly the same mileage as Sanokes.

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