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Flushed the brake fluid last night. Used a syringe to empty the old fluid from the reservoir and to flush the sight glass. The original fluid must have gotten moisture in it, as it was turning brown. :shock: When flushing it I got some bubbles out of the caliper, too. Maybe the factory didn't do a good job of bleeding it during manufacturing? :-x

Anyway, washed the bike today. Then changed the oil. Rode it 120 miles to charge the battery and get all fresh gasoline in it. :D

Still on the list? Air cleaner, lube the speedo cable, new plugs and new lube in the final drive, lube the clutch cable, adjust idle mixture, check the carb synch, set idle speed, change the coolant, I suppose I should change the fork oil also, but my Craftsman lift doesn't work well with my VT1100C Spirit.:mad:

Good Lord! Have I forgotten anything? :shock:
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