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Bike enthusiast/rider since about 1971. Owned many varieties of cruiser/tourer and classic "early cruiser" bikes, including BSA, Triumph, HD, Moto Guzzi, Yamaha, but I've ridden Honda's pretty much exclusively since '95. Still riding 1996 ACE 1100 (red/pearl white panel paint scheme) purchased new that year, after trading in a '94 Magna I'd purchased new, prior. That later generation of "hot rod cruiser" Magna ("Pearl Yellow"! - whoa!) was a great looking, quick bike, but a little too short in the legroom for me for even regional touring... which is a large part of the reason I traded up to the ACE 1100. The ACE is still a good looking, good running machine that continues to get compliments wherever I go (even at over 18 years old), and with the Cobra floorboards, gives me more room to adjust my position while riding. Plus, I've always liked the longer stroke of a V twin - it's a lot less "busy" in some ways than the low-gear-ratio V4 , though not actually as powerful. But I'm not a drag racer, anyway, so it doesn't matter to me about that. The 1100 ACE will go faster than I care to go, regardless.

Glad to be here on this forum, and I look forward to reading and participating some, "here and there".

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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