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Hello to all. Just purchased a 83 Shadow 750 from a family member. Getting a permit this week, and registration next.

Looking forward to getting out this spring.

Got some work that I am planning on doing to it. But this the starting picture.
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Welcome, my son is at training right now to be a combatmedic!
Tell your sons this, from a Combat Veteran, "Your training will only teach you enough to keep you from killing someone. When you get to your unit, listen to your Non-Commissioned Officers and Other Enlisted that are assigned with you. Especially the ones that wear a combat service patch and CMB. They will hone your skills into being a Combat Medic. Should you ever be placed in the position to qualify for the CMB, keep you head down, and trust your knowledge, skills, and abilities." Carry on Soldier Medic.
Welcome to the forum!

I just got an 84 last weekend - my first bike - but unfortunately it will be at least 5 weeks before I can ride it. The winters are pretty rough around here!

Where are you from? Can you take her for a ride soon, or do you have to wait for spring?
Well, I will put it to you this way. Mother Nature is upset around here. Saturday morning was 22. I was camping. Today is 75.

I do have to get the bike first. Money should be here this week. Then I will be going to get it registered and a riding permit. That is after I put insurance n it which I have already checked on.

So hopefully I can start riding soon.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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