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Hello fellow Shadow lovers…

I have a technical question regarding doing a handlebar swap. I’m hoping that someone else on here has run into this and could offer a simple solution.

A friend of mine has a 2001 Honda Shadow 750 Ace Deluxe that currently has the stock handlebars. We would like to swap it out for a 16” ape hanger. We thought that finding and buying the bar would be the easiest part, but we’re finding it to be difficult. We spoke to a JP Cycle representative briefly at a motorcycle show and we are convinced that we should get knurled handle bars. The stock risers are 4” apart on center. What we’re finding is that aftermarket knurled handle bars are either 3.5” or 4.75” on center.

So the question is two parts. Do any of you know where we could find 16” ape hangers with a knurled 4” center riser spread? Or do you think we could use knurled bars that are 3.5” or 4.75” on center? How might that look aesthetically?

Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!!
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