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Headlight aiming question

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So I think that I may need to adjust my headlight. It seems that at 35-40 miles an hour I am riding faster then the light hits the ground for the 2 second rule. I have read in multiple places that you should have the bike on a level ground 25 ft from a wall. That is where I have my issue. I have quite a slanted driveway, so I have maybe 10 ft in front of the bike when parked in the garage on a level surface. Is there another way to adjust the headlight with this short of space. My worry is that if I take it to a parking lot to use a wall, I may screw it up worse and then have to ride it home like that. I would rather do this in the safety of my garage. Thanks
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A good rule of thumb when I was working on foreign cars was at 20 feet the headlight hot spot on HIGH beam should be straight level with the center of the light.
Low beam drops automatically so high beam was a good setting reference.
Just go out in the street after dark with another person holding a piece of cardboard or 2X4 or something to see the beam.
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