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Finally installed the heated grips I've been wanting to get for a long time. I neglected to post a step by step process, as this is a sport bike, and I doubt that many would be interested in the differences.

Bought the grips from a company called Dual-Star, located in Washington State. They ship to APO/FPO, and the price was right (29.95, plus a few bucks for shipping, plus a few bucks for odds and ends I picked up.)

Install was easy, though I forgot how to use a digital multi-meter, thankfully the tech section was able to jog my memory. I wired it right into the headlight, which handles the extra load just fine - the light doesn't even dim at all with the grips on the high setting. I drilled a hole in the top of the left side fairing (by the tank) for the switch. It's a convenient spot, and it keeps it out of the way.

Final (sort of) product:

I'm going to eventually replace that switch with something more weather resistant that keeps a lower profile. I bought a round rocker switch (black) that may suit the purpose.

So, now that I had heated grips, it was time to take a joyride in the 40 and sunny weather we had today. If the pictures appear pixelated, it's cause I had to shrink them down alot. I still have the big ones, if anyone wants a better look at anything.

Wore my summer gloves, and my hands were just fine the whole way through, even at night when it dropped down into the mid-low 30's. I made one mistake in that I forgot to insulate the left handlebar, but it gets just as warm as the other grip, just takes longer.
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