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soooo i guess i have to post here three times before i can post where i want to (tech)

so firstly hello im new sort of i been reading these forums ever since i bought my 94 vt1100c which i believe is a spirit model plain jane which i absolutely am in love with btw

anyway when i bought it, it was stock no upgrades that i could find so first thing i did was buy an after market exhaust with k&n filter and jet kit and was told in no uncertain terms that i absolutely had to do the jets with the exhaust or the bike would not run period.
however im not one to follow the rules so i changed out the exhaust and just for kicks started it up it ran fine actually seemed better and more responsive than before so i left it for the time being this was last summer and i just wanted to get riding ;)

so fast forward to now its spring kind of riding weather but not really so i decided i would do the jets
here's where things seem wrong i had asked the previous owner if he had done the jets he said no when i went to do them the what should be stock main jet was bigger then the recommended jet from dynajet which didnt make much sense but i thought well stranger things have happened the a/f screws no longer had a cover which again seemed strange but i carried on and replaced both the lager main jet and the stock needles which were stock no doubt there and put it all back together and well not really impressed :-( i have definitely lost some top end power and i have way more popping on decel

so im wondering should i go back to the supposedly stock main or do some fiddling with the a/f ?

side note i also had to adjust the idle up a smidgen to get it to idle right

thanks all

sorry for the long novel like post

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You need the larger jets with the aftermarket exhaust and filter. Obviously the PO either didn't know or was lying to you about the jets. That's one of the great things about buying a used bike that someone has already "modded". You never know what has been done and if it's been done properly. If the new jets you installed make it pop, you can try opening up the a/f screws some. If you can't adjust it out, you can replace the jets with the larger ones that you took out. And don't forget to read your plugs after you're done. That will tell you whether you've got it right. BTW, welcome to the forum.
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