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Just picked up my first shadow yesterday. (already own several Magna's and a couple of goldwings, all in various states of disrepair) It's an 83 v500. Looks like it's been sitting for a looooong time. The plate on it shows 03, and I'm betting it's sat every bit of those 12 years. Outside.

Still, doesn't look like a complete loss. The tank is in great shape. Spotless on the inside. Has old gas in it but it must have been stabilized because it doesn't smell nearly as varnished as some of the other gas I've come across. Plan on pulling the carbs today to see what I'm up against. I know that I have to bleed the masters, and the shift lever is frozen in place, so i have to look into that as well. But for the $180 I paid for it I can't complain.

Anyways, been reviving these old beaters long enough to know that you don't stand a chance without access to a good forum, so here I am.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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