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First of all, I tried to post this in the technical section, but my limited access only allows me to post here. So here we go. Hopefully someone can help.

A 2002 VT750 ran perfectly for years. Then it sat for 4 to 5 weeks. Now it will start up on full chock, but dies if you try to open the throttle.

4 to 5 weeks is not really enough time for the gas to clog the carburetor jets. But just to cover all bases, a pint of SeaFoam was dumped in the gas tank while the engine was running on full choke. Then it sat for a few days to let the SeaFoam work, but no change.

All signs point to the engine not getting enough gas. But it idles nicely on full choke. As soon as you try to open the throttle, you get a carb fart and the engine dies.

It looks like this beast has a fuel pump on it. Are the fuel pumps prone to failure? If the fuel pump was defective, would it still run on full choke?

Has anyone experienced this problem before?

Any suggestions for troubleshooting? I do not have a repair manual.

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