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My mom and 2 friends are staying the week in our house in Boone NC and was and has been after me to come up for a day/ or spend the night. (yeah right 3 older than me old ladies)
Well I mustered the nerve up to go, and choose to ride the bike rather than drive my truck (haven't taken it to the mountains since I got it). The temps here have been upper 90's to low 100's, so to beat the humidity I left home at 745 for a three hour ride. It was great. The ride that is.

Took the ladies to a nearby place for lunch, did 2 small honey do's for mom, and graciously declined to spend the night.

The ride back was marked only by the rain that started before I got off of the private road leading to the house. The rain made for cautious riding back down the mountains (btw car tire handles great in the rain).

All told right at about 275 miles. Got back home shortly after 8pm (dry, yeah Gor-Tex) the new windshield did it's job more than well.

Oh the temps in the Boone NC area was mid 80's, low humidity,,while at home the temp hit 100.

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