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Deadhed Fred popped the question
to a receptive and happy Sporty Sue
and after some sweating and grinding
they decided to declare their love, as lovers do

They sent out the invitations,
to friends, both near and far away
To come gather in righteous celebration
on their blessed wedding day

They hired a groovy jamming hippie band
straight outta nineteen sixty nine
got themselves a vegetarian caterer
and bought a couple of cases of local organic wine

The wedding took place in seclusion
at a stone temple by the sea
The incense burned by the altar
inscribed to the God of "You and Me"

The smoke from bongs and Hookahs
wafted through the air
Then the bride entered from her chambers
and everyone stopped and stared

Some thought it most beautiful
some though it rather rude
In any event the invitations neglected
to tell the guests the couple would be nude

but the crowd was high and good natured
and decided almost as one
to go ahead and join the love birds
and they got naked, everyone

That's when Barefoot Sally
licked her tongue as She looked over Lonesome Sam
and said , well ol' Sue may be getting hitched
but I believe I found me the best man

The minister ( from the church of WHATEVER MAN)
called the couple together and said, read your vows..if ya can
apparently there was some confusion, and things
just didn't work out just right
coz Deadhead and Sue never did get hitched
and Sam went home with both girls that night
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