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I just upgraded from a piddly little Kawasaki Eliminator (y'know the 125cc thing that MSF courses tend to offer) that I'd been riding for the past 3 1/2 years to a 2005 Aero.

It's been about two weeks so far and I'm absolutely loving it, especially since the bike is pretty much brand new (bought it from the second owner who bought it from the first after they had just finished the break in period, had just over 3k miles when I got it, and I've got it almost to 4k now :D).

It's got quite a bit of aftermarket stuff already attached but I'm looking at upgrading the seat (last owner's cat got to it and scratched it up a bit, pluse more comfort for longer rides = always better). Gonna drop in some floorboards for myself and my wife, slap a Corbin saddle (and maybe a high-back sissybar pad for my wife too) on it and I'll be good to go until the itch for something bigger hits.

Just curious, anybody ever towed a trailer with the 750? I'm thinking of getting one so we can take our dog with us too.


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