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Hi there,

I finally did it. I got into the carbs and rejetted myself. I used a dynojet kit, and my standby clymer manual.

Here are some observations:
1. I used a combination of the sa750-blacktop site, dynojet instructions, and the clymer manual to do the tear-down and install. The cylmer was a definite plus, and I would not do this again without it.

2. Finally I get to post a tip/suggestion. Label the top of the float bowls L or R (indicating left or right side) so you do not inadvertantly do the same carb when putting in jets or the main needles. I did this. (opened up a diaphraghm cover expecting to put in a new needle...)

3. I did not label the hoses when I tore down. It appeared to me that the form the hoses kept allowed me to see where they went upon reassembly.
Problem with this was that I have one hose remaining...that is not installed on a fitting. The diagram on clymer shows this hose not ending up anywhere...anyone?

4. Definitely drain the fuel from the carbs before working. My wooden topped workbench absorbed most of the fuel, but even when done jetting, I dripped alot of fuel when attempting to reinstall.

5. Getting the carbs in/out was the biggest headache. Reinstall specifically, I could not for the life of me get both carbs to seal onto the heads at the same time. 30 minutes later and alot of twisting, they finally both went on. I have no clue how to make this easier, or what I did to make them finally fit.

6. On to the mixture screws, I read in the instructions to mark 1/8th on the drill bit so one would not drill into the actual screw. I actually broke through much sooner than that. It helped to have tape on the drill bit, but TAKE YOUR TIME on this one. Final tuning was backing them out 3 1/2 turns. I got this from a combination of sources (web, paper instructions, etc.)

7. Re-laying the choke cable was also a headache. It took some massaging and figuring out where it would fit the most naturally. In the end, one of the sections was rubbing against the throttle drum and caused the throttle grip not to 'snap back' when final testing. This caused me to re-look at the throttle cables, unkown that the real issue was rubbing.

All in all, the hardest part was actually taking the carbs out and putting them back in. I saved a bunch of money, and learned quite a bit about what hoses did what, and what is routed where in the big bird's nest of hoses and wires that I was so afraid of whenever I took off the fuel tank.

My confidence is up considerably, and I would do it again without hesitation. I am very thankful for all the posts on this board about jetting/types/etc.

Before: vance and hines straightshots, stock airbox/filter;
very loud (!), much popping on decel.

After: dynojet jets (104/106), screw backed out 3 1/2 turns
higher idle speed, different tone on accel/cruising, and what seems to be much easier/seamless shifting. I was not counting on this part, and it makes the bike seem much more smooth. No more popping on decel. Period.

Well, its time to eat ( I worked through lunch). I hope someone can learn from my post, and perhaps now I have graduated from newbie status!

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