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Total cost of project - $17.98

Time – 2 hours

Materials – 1 Aluminium plate 1/8”x2”x3' ( $17.98 ) – I got mine from Home Depot

**** Warning - this mod will block the turn signal, neutral, and high beam indicator lights *****

1. Remove speedometer from the speedometer stay (remove the bolt connecting it to speedometer stay). Let the speedometer hang on speedometer cable and put bolt and nut back on speedometer so it does not go missing.

2. Remove the two bolts attaching the speedometer stay to the top bridge and remove speedometer stay. Put bolts back in top bridge so they don't go missing.

3. Align the speedometer stay with bottom and sides of aluminium plate and use it to mark holes on aluminium plate. Drill the marked holes in aluminium plate

4. Use a vise to bend the aluminium plate 90 degrees about six inches from end where holes drilled in point 3. Use wood to buffer plate from vise so it does not get marked up.

5. Use vise to make second bend in aluminium plate (arpox 15 degrees) about 1.5 or 2 inches from the bend made in point 4. Again use wood to buffer plate from vise so it does not ge marked up.

6. Cut the aluminium plate with hack saw to appropriate length. About 2 inches from bend in point 5 and test fit bracket on top bridge. I had to play with the second bend to get it just right. This took many tries and accounts for most of the time of this project. Take your time and get that second bend perfect. It will make or break this project.

7. Use the Zumo mount to mark 4 holes on aluminium plate. Drill the holes on aluminium plate.

8. Attach Zumo mount to aluminium plate using 4 bolts that came in Zumo packaging.

9. Mount aluminium plate and speedometer stay to top bridge. Place aluminium plate between speedometer stay and top bridge. You will have to remove the two bolts we put back in the top bridge in point 2 (See the bolts did not go missing!)

10. Mount speedometer to speedometer stay. You will have to remove the bolt and nut from the speedometer we put back in speedometer in point 1 (See the bolt did not go missing!)


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