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Here's a link to the Homecoming site-

Its not updated as yet but it'll start feeding you some info.

As far as what to do? There's some goin's ons at the Honda plant. Tours, demo rides, displays. Don't know what all as yet fer this year.

The Light parades- on Thursday night into Bellefontaine. 6 or 800 bikes with a light competition and some entertainement when ya get there.

---Friday night light parade into Marysville. Usually a thousand or so bikes.

Vendors set up at the Bellefontaine fairgrounds and just off of Main St. in Marysville. Bike parts, pinstriping, patches, etc..

A number of different charity rides.

I'm sure you can find sumthin to get into.

Some of the local Shadowriders get some stuff goin'.

There was some free camping goin' on last year near the motorcycle plant.

Others here can fill ya in some more, but I think you'll enjoy the experience.
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