I have the whole system for sale, fits Sabre 2000 to 2008 vt1100c2
Quick release windshield, mounting brackets, and chrome lowers
A couple scratches on the windshield hardware but the windshield itself is new!

The SwitchBlade Chopped™ is a cut-down version of the popular 2-Up® windshield. This is the perfect height for many riders on motorcycles with low seat positions. Or, you may simply prefer the contoured top and the trimmed bottom profile that gives the Chopped its distinctive silhouette. Get all the protection you need with the look you want!

All SwitchBlade Windshields feature high quality chromed steel and stainless steel hardware. Best of all, their sturdy 4.0mm thick polycarbonate has National Cycle’s exclusive Quantum® hardcoating for the ultimate in scratch resistance.

MSRP $285.00

Our SwitchBlade® Quick Release Mount Kit secures your SwitchBlade windshield with bulldog tenacity, but looks attractive and refined when the shield is off. Innovative cushion wheel spools turn and flex, allowing the shield to lock into place with a reassuring "pop".

This mount kit gives you the flexibility to mount several styles of SwitchBlade windshields to your motorcycle. At National Cycle, we know first hand how windshield requirements may change during the season, or from ride to ride. It made good sense to design a hardware system that allows a rider to easily change windshields. Switch between windshields in a matter of seconds, without having to turn one screw.

This mount kit for tapered fork tube covers is model-specific.

MSRP $185.00

Switchblade Chrome Lowers

Chrome Lower Deflectors improve the performance of your windshield by preventing unwanted turbulence. Chrome Lowers extend the protection of your National Cycle Windshield and set off your National Cycle Spotlight Bar for an integrated front end look. National Cycle has engineered these three items to fit together perfectly on a wide variety of cruiser applications.

Chrome Lower Deflectors attach to the motorcycle using the SwitchBlade® or Heavy Duty™ Mount Kit for a clean appearance on your forks.

Finished in National Cycle quality bright chrome.

MSRP $175.00