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Announced in November .. Sounds very cool.
Do they have these dealerships in the US ?

Honda Canada Inc. is moving to a new generation of retail outlets that will offer all its consumer products at one location -- from lawnmowers and snow throwers to motorcycles, cars and trucks.

The new concept, called Honda Centre in Quebec and Honda Powerhouse in the rest of Canada, is already in place at one Honda dealership in each of Quebec and Ontario and there are more to come, said Jim Miller, senior vice-president of Honda Canada.

"We're putting them together to reinforce the brand," Mr. Miller said. The creation of the Honda Ridgeline sport utility truck was essentially the final piece of the puzzle because now "we've got the truck that you can put your ATVs in back of," he said.

Honda's consumer products also include water pumps, portable generators, weed trimmers and marine outboard motors.

"It's a natural evolution to bring customers the Honda products they want, closer to where they live, work and play," added Honda spokeswoman Sandy Di Felice.

Market studies are under way in Calgary and Vancouver to determine whether the new concept makes sense. Calgary is a booming market with the growth in the oil patch, and Vancouver has for years been one of the strongest markets for Asian-based auto makers.

Dealers and sales people in stores offering all the company's consumer products will be trained across the entire range.

Industry analysts said it makes sense to put all the products under one roof so that anyone buying a generator can be encouraged to look at an all-terrain vehicle or a car.

Honda has 214 car dealers in Canada and 310 motorcycle dealers.

"I think it's something that is at least worth trying out," said Tony Krajewski, a consultant in the automotive practice at Deloitte.

The idea also appeals to Joe Zanchin, who owns one Honda dealership northwest of Toronto and another one that will be officially opened in a new auto mall in Vaughan tomorrow.

"I'm confident," Mr. Zanchin said.

"I think it's the way to do it."

He is dedicating about 10 acres of the new mall to Honda. Next to his Honda car and truck dealership will go a store for the generators, motorcycles and other products.

Next to that will be a dealership offering Acuras, Honda's luxury car brand.

He figures people travelling between the Honda and Acura outlets will stop in the Honda Powerhouse to check out the other consumer products and Honda accessories.

Honda sold 155,000 cars and trucks in Canada last year, along with 21,000 motorcycles, 23,400 all-terrain vehicles, 25,000 generators, 6,000 outboard engines, 4,000 weed trimmers and 6,700 snow throwers.
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