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Graham, not sure if you were just being facetious but Honda is actually producing an airplane.

Back to the original post, I can think of numerous ways that this idea is a net negative to the consumer.
  • What salesman will bother with someone looking to buy a $3 - 4,000 mc when he can sell a $30,000 Accord or truck, let alone a lawnmower or outboard motor? Same goes for service, who'll get the priority, the $30k car owner or the $300 lawnmower owner?

    Will the car mechanics work on bikes and lawnmowers and visa-versa?

    It's an entirely different sales aproach on those smaller items than on cars and bikes. Will I have to haggle with some jerk of a salesman to buy a lawnmower? Or, do the intend to have signs on the cars that you just bring to the cashier?

    I'd suspect that as another member stated, there'll be a serious lack of ppl there that know the products. I mean if your bread and butter is motorcycles you will invest in them, same for the other products. But, if I'm running a company that makes millions off car sales and thousands off other sales I'm not real concerned with these other departments.

Only good side I can see is that the Honda MC dealers around here sure could use some competition to light a fire under their but regarding pricing and customer service.

All in all, I think it'll be just another reason to buy a different brand bike if I'm looking for a new one.
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