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Horn relay on Shadow 1100

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Does the wiring for the horn on a Shadow 1100 have a relay in it? I am wanting to install a Stebel Air Horn and want to know if it is necessary to wire in the relay they include with the horn or can I just wire the air horn using stock wiring. Any help would be appreciated.
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I don't believe the stock horn has a relay. On my 1998 Aero 1100 it didn't. I used the relay that came with the Stebel and wired the stock switch into the ground side of the relay wiring and wired the Stebel directly to the battery through the relay.
No, relay! it's up to you to add one.

Refer to the other thred you wrote. It does need a relay and The unit come with one, but the gonzo harness, made by a member of this forum and can be had at is specifically made for that horn and that bike, and is plug and play..

use the "contact link and mention your memebrship here, and you will get %10 off.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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