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I have a similar story about how I purchased my ACE, it came off of ebay also, a Ft. Wayne yamaha dealer (4 hrs. away) listed it for a guy that just bought a bigger bike from them and wanted to sell it outright instead of trading it in, watched the auction the last day hour by hour and placed my bid in the final few minutes. after contacting the owner after the auction ended, I found out the owner was from my hometown and actually was a old friend of my fathers, that gave me a great relief when the buyers remorse set in.

I think I got a great deal (under kbb value w/ 5000 on the clock) and was glad I placed the bid. Similar bikes around here I would have paid at least a thousand more for the same add on options.

Mine had the memphis windshield, sissy bar, luggage rack, w/s bag, luggage rack bag, saddle bags, and a cover.

anyway congrats on your purchase
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