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Great story. e-bay really is worth it sometimes.

When I went to buy a bike last year, I was set on a v-star 650 (cheaper). I then saw a great looking 750 aero on e-bay and went for it. I managed to snipe the other bidders with a few seconds to go and won the auction, but no luck since it was below the reserve.

Although I had wanted a shaft-drive, I then noticed a blue '02 ACE (also on e-bay) and priced way below KBB + very low mileage. Sure - chain drive, but it looked like such a steal. After getting into a bidding war close to the end of the auction, I decided to break down and hit 'buy it now'. The 'buy it now' prices are usually a rip off, but this guy had put 'buy it now' at about 500 below KBB and you had to pick up the bike. Since the bidding was only 100 under the 'buy it now' and the bike was only 70 miles away, I figured what the hell. I think the fact that you had to pick up the bike and the fact that it was late-September kept the price low. Turns out the owner had a new VTX1800 and needed cash. The ACE hadn't been ridden in about a year and it's a good think he had put stabil in the tank.

The rest is history. I love my ACE, and now that I've got the maintence nearly up-to-date I'm riding it every chance I get.

Congrats and enjoy your ACE!

Cheers, D-Mac
'02 ACE 750
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