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I thought I would share the story of how I ended up with my bike:

I had ridden quite a bit in my 20's, but they were mostly smaller bikes, in the 250cc to 350cc range. Then marriage and kids interrupted my riding and I never got another bike...until recently.

30 years have passed, the kids are grown, and the wife and I started talking about doing some riding. We looked at different bikes and decided that we wanted to do some longer distance trips, and tentatively settled on a Gold Wing.

While discussing this with my biker friends, they told me that they were worried about me getting such a large bike as my first bike after three decades of non riding. I found this to be sound advice and decided to get a smaller bike, get my skills back, then upgrade to a bigger bike later.

One Wednesday evening, my wife and I were discussing what kind of bike we wanted to get, and how much we were willing to pay for it. We wanted to pay cash instead of have a bike payment. We came up with a number and I decided to look on eBay just to see what kind of bike I could get for the amount of money.

I knew from some co-wokers that a Honda Shadow 750 was one of the bikes that would suit my needs, so I started looking at used Shadows. The first page that came up in my search had a 2003 750 Shadow Ace. The description indicated that it only had 2600 miles on it, and that it was in "pristine" condition. The pictures that accompanied the auction seemed to confirm that it was indeed, a very clean bike.

I checked the time on the auction, and there was only 90 minutes remaining. I called my wife into the den, and I showed here the Shadow. After checking it out, she told me to go ahead and bid on it. I watched the auction for the next hour, and saw that there were 2-3 people bidding on it, and that it was approaching my spending limit. The seller was located about 3.5 hours from me, so if I won the auction, picking the bike up would not be a problem.

As the end of the auction approached, several of the bidders dropped off, leaving only 1 other bidder left that appeared to be active. As I lurked, I went to Kelly Blue Book and found that the amount I wanted to spend was approximately $500 lower than what KBB said the bike was worth. If the condition of the bike was really what the seller said it was, the value of the bike would be another $500 or so higher.

The auction got down to the last few minutes, with no activity from the other bidders, perhaps they were lurking too. With 30 seconds left in the auction, I put my bid in and waited. After about a minute, I hit F5 to refresh the screen and found that I had won!

Now buyer's remorse set in. OMG, I had just purchased a bike in an hour and a half, and I had bought it on eBay! What was I thinking?

I made the initial contact with the seller. He had asked for a deposit via PayPal within the first 48 hours, but I did not currently have enough money in my PayPal to do that, so we just arranged for me to come pick it up that Saturday and I would pay him the full amount then.

Saturday morning, we stopped at the U-Haul store and got a bike trailer, hooked it up to the Mountaineer, and off we went.

We met the seller at his home, and checked out the bike. It was in beatuiful shape, and it was hard to tell that it was a 4 year old bike. He had all the miscellaneous stuff that went with it, 2 helmets, books, gloves, cleaner, the works.

We completed the deal, put the bike on the trailer, and headed home.

Coincidentally, on the drive home, we passed the Oscar Meyer Weiner Wagon, so of course we had to smile and wave! And then, further up the road, we passed the Blues Brothers car, complete with the big speaker on the roof. Then, the icing on the cake. We were passed by a 2007 Shelby GT 500 Mustang! What a sweet ride that is...

We got home, put the bike in the garage, and returned the trailer. We got online and got the insurance part done. Later that week, I got the title transferred and the plate purchased. I signed up for the MSF BRC and took the course at the local community college. I highly recommend this course for anyone who rides.

Wallet card in hand, I went to the DMV, got my license, came home and fired the bike up and rode it the 5 miles to work.

I have since added the windshield and the Mustang seats, and I have a Cobra backrest coming this week.

Everything about the purchase of this bike pretty much fell into place, and I could not be happier with my Shadow ACE.

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Labswine said:
That musta been a really dumb U-Haul place...

Everyone I've been to won't rent a trailer to ANY Ford Explorer type...the Mountaineer is basically a re-badged Exploder.

U-Haul has a corporate policy to NOT rent a trailer to anyone who owns an Exploder, Ranger, Exploder Sport Trac, etc.

You got lucky there dude :)

Best of luck with your new scoot :)
I called them first and they asked why type of vehicle it was going to be, and I told them it was a Mountaineer with the V8 and they said it was fine. So, I dunno...
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