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I also got mine from e bay

The seller was about 1.5 hours north of where I live and I took off one day to have a look and a ride and loved it from the minute I rode her.

I offered the reserve price there and then, but he still wanted to go to auction that ended three days later.

I watched and sat and luckily for me there was no other bidders and with 20seconds to go, put in the reserve and won the bike.

A few days later, my son and I took off from work and I rode her home.

The funny story is that everyone at my work and all the local boys knew I had bought it and I hadn't told the wife!

We had sweeps running on how long it would take her to find out with a case of beer as the prize :lol:

I wouldn't have been found out but I had my other bike in the back shed and I was getting ready to sell it and was taking photos etc and she finally put two and two together.

It was really funny as a heap of boys where at our place and broke down in hysterics and she couldn't do a thing but laugh! Everyone still has a giggle over it.

BTW my son won the beer with a bet of one week :lol:

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