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Just turned over 11,000 miles on my SS750. About a year ago, I installed a Cobra light bar. It has turn signals built into it so I had to tap into the turn signal wiring which is inside the headlight housing. I had no trouble doing that but MAN!! I had one hell of a time getting the headlight back in and everything back together. That was in a nice well lit garage with all my tools available. I'd hate to have to replace a headlight out on the road ... the hardest part was getting those little spacers back in ... the ones that the screws go through to hold the headlight housing together. Does anyone else think that the system to hold the headlight housing together is really dumb?

How long is it gonna be before my headlight burns out and I hafta go through this all over again? The bike is 1 1/2 years old with 11,000 miles.

... or is it really not hard to replace a headlight and I'm just mechanically challenged?
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