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silvershadow55 said:
TucsonDon said:
silvershadow55 said:
I'm hoping now with my modulator that the light lasts me at least two years (the way I figure it, now the high beam is on only half the time so it should last twice as long.)
Interesting ... I wonder if the frequent "on/off" of the high beam filament might cause some strain on the life of it? I honestly don't know. But it's an interesting thought. My guess is there's some "cost" to that -- your high beam filament might last longer, but not twice as long.
You are probably correct... but since the filaments switch something like 240 times per minute (4x per second) I would guess that they have very little time to heat/cool, so the stresses are not as bad as they otherwise might be (if they heated and cooled completely). I'll let you know in about two years how it goes :)
Maybe. But isn't the turning on of any electrical equipment the hardest on it? Lightbulbs, Computer processors, etc. I've always been led to believe that the processor's hottest point is when you turn it on. Likewise with a lightbulb, a continually on lightbulb lasts much longer than turning one on and off and on and off and on and etc...
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