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How screwed am I?

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I haven't had time to put in on my project lately but there was an oil leak which I figured was coming from a gasket I may have installed incorrectly. It ended up being torqed wrong. Anyway I haven't rode it in 6 months and the oil put in it was never ridden on. I was at a stage in my build where I couldn't even turn it over. So long story short I drained the oil to replace the clutch cover gasket and was surprised to find hundreds of big flakes. Gold or copper in color. What's my next move? Why didn't this show up last time I changed the oil when the bike was actually ran?


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What kind of oil were you using, and are the flakes attracted to a magnet? I don't know anything about a motorcycle clutch but I restored an old British car and they use yellow metal in their transmissions and rear ends that is destroyed by modern oils and a symptom is yellow flakes.
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